Central Library

Library & Information Cell procures selected books, journals, Reports of interest to the activities of state Pollution Control Board, Odisha. Board’s Library acts as a document repository and referral centre for dissemination of information in the field of environmental science and engineering and its associated areas. Its also meets the needs and requirements of scientists by providing various information services. The library is used by research scholars of differnt universities and technical colleges, institutions in Odisha, various NGOs and Social activists. The library has a collection of books, reports, audio visual materials, maps, photographs, topo sheets, River Basin atlas and soft copies of different aspects of environmental science and engineering.

Library & Information Services
Library Resources Books 4507
Reports 5216
Bound Volumes 280
Indian Journals 24
Foreign Journals 4
Micro Documents 551
CD-ROM EIA Reports
Training Reports
Technical Study Reports
Census Reports
Atlas, River basin maps, Topo sheets etc.
Library Services Recent Arrivals Books Alert by E-mail to all technical persons
Recent Arrivals Journals- Articles Alert by e-mail to all technical persons from Science Directorate
Document Delivery Service Reprography
Documentation & Information Services Literature Search on demand Articles through internet is being provided to the needy scholars.
News Clippings Daily News clippings from different Newspapers is being prepared and compiled in a bound form at the end of every month. Soft copy of the said document is also sent to all technical staff.
Institutional Repository Repository of Publications CPCB Census Hand books, WHO Publications, UNEP Publications MOEF,Guidelines, BIS etc.